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Chassisparts Racing is our passion

racing is our passion

Chassisparts is the number one European supplier of Endurotubes. Chromium molybdenum or 25crmo4 is an alloy that is characterized by very high strength and toughness with an extremely low weight. These properties make these tubes extremely suitable for building roll cages in motorsport.

With more than 40 years of in-house racing experience, we know better than anyone what you need when building a roll cage or chassis. Many of our articles have therefore been developed by ourselves as a solution to a problem that we encountered ourselves. For example, we have a very wide range of welding lips, gussets and roll cage parts for various applications.
In addition to tubes and weld-on applications, we also sell bending machines and radius machines to process the tubes ourselves.
Our products are according to FIA standards and allowed within the European racing federations.